A babka drożdżowa.

Babka Drożdżowa

All holidays come with their symbols. Not snowflakes on pine trees, prancing reindeer, or cute bunnies hiding chocolate eggs but rather intimate and personal symbols, which differ in how each person and family celebrates. In my Polish family Easter revolved around celebrating Christ’s triumphant resurrection. And what better and more Polish way to celebrate than […]


It’s another Polonia summer!

Welcome to the second rendition of Paul’s Polonia News You Can Use for 2014. First, a special note inviting everyone to apply for this year’s Poland in the Rockies symposium — spots are selling out like hot cakes! If you’re successful in getting in, I assure you the event will change your life forever. In addition […]



We all remember hearing — if only in passing — of TVP’s 2008 series, Londyńczycy, chronicling the everyday life of young Polish immigrants to the UK. This show didn’t break any new ground and, in fact, received some heavy criticism for its negative depiction of life as a Pole on the Isle in the late […]


Quo Vadis 6 Vancouver

QV6 Vancouver registration is now open! For more details, see the official site.


Project Iskra: Winnipeg Edition

Hi, my name’s Martyna. I’m a linguistics student and freelance journalist living in Winnipeg, the land of brutal winters and sweet prairie summers. I love independent media, outlaw country and music festivals. I’m a big believer in promoting local culture. This year, I’m going to be spearheading Project Iskra in Winnipeg, and documenting it as […]