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When in Rome, do as the Canadians do.


When I was nine years old my family and I went on a trip to Florida. In the days leading up to the trip I remember begging my parents to go to Disney World which was, in my mind, the only purpose behind the entire state. I’d seen commercials, read about it, heard about it, Disney […]

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Kim Ki Dok: Korean orphans in Poland

Korean girl in Poland

When Patrick Yoka, a Polish director and screen writer, discovered the grave of  13 year old 김귀덕 (Kim Ki Dok) who had died in 1955 in a cemetery in Wrocław, Poland he told his friend and journalist Jolanta Krysowata. Naturally she had a few questions about how a young Korean girl found herself in Lower […]

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Cultural Ambassadors: Polonia in Korea

Apple tree

Moral of my musings: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” There is an old Korean proverb that says: 콩 심은데 콩나고, 팥 심은데 팥난다. Pronounced “kong simeundae kongnago, pat simeundae patnanda”, its literal meaning is “beans come out where they are planted, red beans come from where red beans are planted.” […]

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Londyńczycy: East Enders in Poland


D’you ever get those weeks during which no matter how much or how little you have to do you just cannot “ogarnąć się” and get it done in a timely manner? Even if the entire extent of your to do list for the week is to call Visa. Oh you do!? Good. Me too. Every […]

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In my never ending browsing of the internet I’ve come across an interesting website dedicated to exploring some lesser known influence on Polish culture and history: Commonwealth.pl. The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was not only the biggest state in all of Europe but also one of the most powerful and most diverse. Up until WWII Poles never […]

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Polish School in Ireland


I discovered an interesting documentary video today entitled: The Polish School. It is a short film about a Polish school in Ireland, what brought some of the kids there, and how the school aims to help them navigate a bi-cultural childhood. They speak more of not fitting in in a way that I don’t think […]

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Operation Marigold: Poland in Vietnam

Many of us can probably recite the main aspects of Polish history from memory to anyone who asks. Even if we have no idea what it was about, Polish school has drilled us to know that the Bitwa pod Grunwaldem was important, that Poland was partitioned for 123 years, and that over 20,000 Polish soldiers […]

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A4: In the wild

“I’ve never seen A4 paper in the wild before,” my friend Davenport said, pointing to some papers on my desk. “Huh?” “I mean, we don’t use A4 paper in Canada.” His way of expressing it might have been a little funny, but he’s right, North American standard size paper is usually 8.5 X 11, A4 […]

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Pani Agato: What’s in a name?

Paula Agata Trelińska That’s my name. My full name. The one I’ve had my whole life, the one I will continue to have my whole life. But not when you get married? Never mind the fact that assuming I’ll get married is dangerous, it won’t change, even then. But why not? Putting aside the sexist […]

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Orzeł i Pustelnik: A History of Poland and the DPRK (Part III)

This is the last in a three part series exploring the history of diplomatic relations between Poland and North Korea. “[We’re] one click away from pushing the launch button.“ The latest threats coming from North Korea indicate that it’s preparing to launch intercontinental missiles. It really is too bad that few people care. A few […]

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