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IMPORTANT: Polish passport protips

Tl;dr: Dual citizens, use your Polish passport when traveling to Poland. Anything else may mean unpleasant border surprises. Just got the below from the embassy. I’ll just summarize the (very!) important bits in English here: Poland is threatening inconvenience and possibly penalties like extra fees for Polish dual citizens who use their other passport to […]

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Masha and the Bear

I just received an invitation to watch a neat CBC video from Filip Terlecki, one of the most prominent voices early on in PISK’s developmental years. I was initially wary of the lightsaber battle because that’s just been waaay overdone, but when I realized the metaphor behind it, it suddenly didn’t seem as bad. Watch […]

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PPW: Herbapol Aronia Flavoured Herbal Tea

Here in Canada we had a tough winter this year and it seems that the cold weather won’t go away… or maybe I’m just too heated from spending a week in Costa Rica (blog post coming soon!). Thankfully in China in 2737 B.C, a leaf accidentally fell into a cup of boiled water and ended up inventing tea, a.k.a. […]

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Polish Product of the Week (PPW): Sante Granola

So I don’t know about you guys, but for me finding some good quality granola in Canada is IMPOSSIBLE. For some reason, every Canadian product looks like something that my Ciocia Helka would feed her chickens. All the “granola” products I have come across here are extremely bland in flavour and just basic oat flakes with […]

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Summing up 2014

Dear PISKers and PISK supporters, It was a great pleasure to serve you throughout 2013 and 2014 as both a vice president and president of PISK. We’ve had two successful Iskra conferences and we’re planning to continue this annual tradition. We’ve enjoyed several summer Kaszuby camping trips, parties, pub nights, conferences, a winter ski/chalet trip […]

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PISK Kaszuby Camping Trip

Many different things mark the end of summer in Canada. For some, it’s the annual ritual of shopping for textbooks, starting classes again. It’s getting a sweater out for those nights that are coming just a little  faster and becoming just a bit colder. It’s seeing that single red leaf on the ground and thinking; oh […]

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When in Rome, do as the Canadians do.


When I was nine years old my family and I went on a trip to Florida. In the days leading up to the trip I remember begging my parents to go to Disney World which was, in my mind, the only purpose behind the entire state. I’d seen commercials, read about it, heard about it, Disney […]

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Polonia mid-summer update

Previous update (April, 2014) | Lots of visuals this time for those who are frightened of text. First, events: QV Vancouver: register now! The deadline’s July 13th (that’s in just over a week, folks)! I will totally be running icebreakers so you know it’s going to be AWESOME. QV Madison is, regretfully, canceled, but QV […]

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PISK party and the ISKRA conference

Hey party people and PISK supporters! On Saturday night we are having an PISK/Iskra integration party! Come out and party with us! We are of course also hosting our long awaited second addition of the Iskra conference this weekend. We are still taking registrations for high school seniors (university students are also welcome) or youth […]

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Red and White Party and ISKRA registration

Recently we hosted a small get together in the center of Mississauga. It was good to see old friends and some new faces. We are gearing up for our big conference in June. Let’s get those teens registered for the best conference of their youth!!!

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