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IMPORTANT: Polish passport protips

Tl;dr: Dual citizens, use your Polish passport when traveling to Poland. Anything else may mean unpleasant border surprises. Just got the below from the embassy. I’ll just summarize the (very!) important bits in English here: Poland is threatening inconvenience and possibly penalties like extra fees for Polish dual citizens who use their other passport to […]

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We all remember hearing — if only in passing — of TVP’s 2008 series, Londyńczycy, chronicling the everyday life of young Polish immigrants to the UK. This show didn’t break any new ground and, in fact, received some heavy criticism for its negative depiction of life as a Pole on the Isle in the late […]

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PISK Around the World!

Most of you love our shirts. Don’t just tell us. Show us! Take pics in cool places around the country and around the world. Then send them to us. We will put them up on the site for all to see. Show us how creative and adventurous you can be! Click here to see where […]

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Aladdin and identity

My brother and I grew up watching Disney movies. Polish was our first language and my parents didn’t hesitate in building us a pretty impressive collection of video cassettes to get us practicing English. We loved those movies, for their funny characters (good and bad alike), the comfort of their happy, redemptive endings (typically after […]

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Reflections from a Train Window

Poland, Sweden, the United States, Canada, Australia… I’ve got bits and pieces of my family everywhere. When you think about it, it’s pretty extraordinary. We’ll see each other maybe once every two, three years but it’s like a long distance romance. After the separation there will be an intense get-together, where normal life stops and […]

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The Embassy’s on YouTube!

And you can follow them. Today’s video has much talk of a Canadian winter (Ottawa being the coldest place where Poland has a consulate in the whole, wide world). The ambassador talks of Poland’s National Treasures (and the home they found here), of the Centennial Flame, of Terry Fox, and, of course, of hockey. There […]

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White Magic

It was one of the most memorable summers of my life. I had just a few courses left at university before I would be an official graduate. Not quite an adult, yet no longer fully immersed in the snug university bubble, I was still far enough away from the Real World to forget about it […]

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Home is in the in-between: Re-defining Polish-Canadian Identity in the Land of the Morning Calm

There’s a box hidden up in the furthest depths of my cupboard, taped up with several layers of packing tape, it sits beside gift-wrapped chocolates and candies collecting not only dust but also my daily, longing gazes. It came from Canada. So did the things inside, except they’re actually from Poland. They are now in […]

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How I Fell in Love… with Krakow!

Last summer, I was lucky enough to participate in the Polish Summer School for Foreigners at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. Founded in 1364 by Casimir the Great, it is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Europe. Among its alumni are well-known Poles like Nobel Prize winner, Wisława Szymborska, Pope John Paul […]

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Project Piórko! Teamwork! Fun!

Story time kids! A month ago I took part in a 12 day leadership training program which really expanded my view on what a group of people can accomplish once they set their minds working towards a common goal. Case in point: During the opening days of the leadership training we were given an icebreaker […]

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