Iskra 2014

Kanada_Toronto_kg PLThe Iskra University Bootcamp is back! This PISK initiative to link Canadian high school and university Polonia has been active since 2011. High school presentations on the value of staying culturally involved will continue throughout the end of the current academic year under the leadership of PISK executives, Andrzej Dąbrowski and Michał Kustra, and the second Iskra University Boot Camp is slated for June 7-8th, 2014 at the University of Toronto. Our consulate is very much behind us in this project. We are also immensely proud to announce that PISK’s Manitoban rep, Martyna Turczynowicz, is bringing this movement to her hometown. A comprehensive summary about this project is available online, as is last year’s promo vid and this year’s pamphlet, below. What are you waiting for? Sign up, sign up!

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