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ISKRA Project – Sponsorship

Benefits of Sponsorship
Sponsors of the ISKRA weekend will have the knowledge that they are accelerating the success of a new generation of Polonia. They will have the peace of mind that every attendee of this weekend will gain insight, contacts, and confidence that will bring them through their toughest initial stages of post-secondary education.


We, the organizers of ISKRA, would like to show our appreciation for our sponsors. We will:


  • Provide advertising space for our sponsors to display their names and logos at the conference.
  • Display a list of our sponsors at the end of any media coverage of the event.
  • Provide a detailed event report outlining the success of the event.
  • Provide sponsors room for booths during event breaks for promotional purposes.


Sponsorship Levels:

Bronze          $ 50      to     $ 100
Silver             $ 100    to    $ 200
Gold               $ 200   to    $ 500
Platinum       $ 500           plus

Our full Sponsorship package is a downloadable .pdf file at the following link: ISKRA 2015 Sponsorship Package

We would also like to thank our previous years’ sponsors:

Babci Fine Foods


European Fine Foods
wings up

AM. Transport

Omega Food Imports

AM Transport


Consulate General of the Republic of Poland

The W. Reymont Foundation


Your Choice Realty Corp Brokerage: Andrew Dabrowski


Anna and Robert Kustra

Kasia Kaminska

Matthew Samulewski



Join us as the foundation from which our story’s future launches forward!