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Szanowna Pani: Have the cows been tended?

Milka cow.

I received an email from the Polish embassy this morning in which I was addressed as “Szanowna Pani.” It freaked me out. “Szanowna Pani,” which roughly translates into “Madam,”  is a common and appropriate address in any formal or business setting. It freaks me out. While Polish honorifics may not be as complicated as those […]

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Go East!

An open call for collaboration on the Greatest New Polonia Thing! Hello cupcakes! I’m so sorry I’ve been AWOL all summer. Chalk it up to the fact that it’s really hard to find a public washroom where I am. Sorry. But I’m back and better then ever. I’ve got My Big Project Hat on (which […]

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Świtćhińg kęybóąrd łąyóutś

I cringe whenever I see Polish words not accented properly. I understand it once used to be difficult—a matter of unavailable equipment, but with the advent of all the remarkable technology we have today, there is just no excuse to sign off as Jurek Ogorek when Jurek Ogórek is just as accessible. Here, let me […]

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