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Project Iskra: Winnipeg Edition

Hi, my name’s Martyna. I’m a linguistics student and freelance journalist living in Winnipeg, the land of brutal winters and sweet prairie summers. I love independent media, outlaw country and music festivals. I’m a big believer in promoting local culture. This year, I’m going to be spearheading Project Iskra in Winnipeg, and documenting it as […]

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Top 10 posts of 2012

The year of 2012 is coming to an end. 2013 is just around the corner. The world hasn’t ended, as many were predicting. I’m glad, although witnessing an extraterrestrial mountain falling down from the sky has always been my hidden fantasy. But we’re still alive, so it’s time to sum up 2012 before we enter […]

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Montreal’s Big Announcement!

So a blue highlighter did not explode in the wash, the shirt that everyone saw was a present from Natalia and PISK for the NEW MONTREAL PISK CHAPTER EXECUTIVE! We are thrilled to have such an opportunity to bring the PISK experience more personally to Montreal. With this, we hope to connect Montreal with the […]

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Big Announcement Coming From Montreal!

  No, a highlighter did not explode in the wash… get excited for a big announcement coming from Montreal!  

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Summer Camp 2012 Video & Photos

Oops, I did it again. See, I tend to leave stuff lying around. All. The. Time. I’m actually at a desk right now with four cups in front of me. My cups issue is a little out of control, I’ll admit. ‘Co ma piernik do wiatraka?’ you ask? I’m getting there… I was no different […]

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