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Fear of Falling / Lęk wysokości: A review

Just saw this film at Ekran last night: As the movie progressed, I sank lower and lower in my seat to fully internalize what was happening on-screen (and to block out the sound of the lady behind me who spent an inordinate amount of time crinkling an aluminium wrapper). That’s a good sign for other potential […]

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Living with a psychiatric patient

This week in Heniek’s hard drive: Feliks Falk’s 2009 thriller, Enen (released in the States as Case Unknown). As always, massive spoilers ahead! Dr. Konstanty Grot (Borys Szyc), a young psychiatrist, finds an amnesic patient in his newly-assigned ward. Ambitious and eager to make a name for himself, Dr. Grot quickly takes it into his […]

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Everything starts well but ends horribly

This week on Heniek’s Hard Drive: Walerian Borowczyk’s 1975 drama, Dzieje Grzechu, a film showcasing a long, accelerating path through evil until the protaganist finally dies full of regret and despair in a jail cell. I know, right? Exciting stuff. First, you’re a young lady in the prime of life and then, before you know […]

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Heniek’s Hard Drive

I once had a hard drive with many, many movies on it that had somehow accumulated over the years. A friend of mine borrowed this drive for a weekend to browse my titles and accidentally dropped it. She was distraught; I was overjoyed. “Finally!” I thought, “all those movies I feel a tremendous, guilty need […]

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