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Polonia mid-summer update

Previous update (April, 2014) | Lots of visuals this time for those who are frightened of text. First, events: QV Vancouver: register now! The deadline’s July 13th (that’s in just over a week, folks)! I will totally be running icebreakers so you know it’s going to be AWESOME. QV Madison is, regretfully, canceled, but QV […]

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Iskra: Rise of the Youth 2013-2014 (school visits)

There is no future or continuation of a community without the rise of young leaders. In this way our ancestors counted on us, as we count on those who come after us.  Our Polish and Canadian governments know this as well as all our aging Polonia groups, just as we all know it. We need […]

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Cultural Ambassadors: Polonia in Korea

Apple tree

Moral of my musings: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” There is an old Korean proverb that says: 콩 심은데 콩나고, 팥 심은데 팥난다. Pronounced “kong simeundae kongnago, pat simeundae patnanda”, its literal meaning is “beans come out where they are planted, red beans come from where red beans are planted.” […]

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Londyńczycy: East Enders in Poland


D’you ever get those weeks during which no matter how much or how little you have to do you just cannot “ogarnąć się” and get it done in a timely manner? Even if the entire extent of your to do list for the week is to call Visa. Oh you do!? Good. Me too. Every […]

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Polish School in Ireland


I discovered an interesting documentary video today entitled: The Polish School. It is a short film about a Polish school in Ireland, what brought some of the kids there, and how the school aims to help them navigate a bi-cultural childhood. They speak more of not fitting in in a way that I don’t think […]

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A few weeks ago, I was assigned what would ordinarily be a drab paper for my linguistics class on sociolinguistics, or where language and human interaction intersect. The topic quickly turned interesting as I realized it was a perfect chance to study something readily apparent in our Polonia here in Winnipeg: the rather unique language […]

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Quo Vadis Montreal Coming Soon!!!

Quo Vadis Montreal

It will be the fifth Quo Vadis conference hosted here in Canada. First it was Ottawa, then Windsor, followed by Toronto. This year Quo Vadis was organized by a group of wild, wild Westerners from Calgary. And now the conference is travelling all the way to French Canada—to the city of wine, cheese, and naked […]

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Video: Hon. Allan Wachowich at QV Calgary

Allan Wachowich

If you’re calling yourself a Polish-Canadian then you need to get to know Hon. Allan Wachowich. He is a role model for anybody of Polish heritage growing up in Canada. He is the first Chief Justice ever who considers himself Polish-Canadian. Well, “considers” is an understatement. He’s a raging Polish-Canadian! I am not going to […]

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Follow the Exit Sign

It turns out all those tattoos, ridiculous piercings, and risque clothing you’ve got on are totally unnecessary; someone’s interested in you because of you, you fascinating creature! Rather, interested in you because you’re a Canadian of Polish descent, a Pole living in Canada, a Polish-Canadian, a Canadian-Pole, etc. Professor Zofia Kawczynska-Butrym (quick, say that 10 […]

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Video: Why bother?

More love for the YPCPA. Here is a quick series of points hammering out what our fresh wave of Canadian Polonia can do and, more importantly, how much fun we can have doing it (credit: Dolz Productions). And who better to say it like it is than our very own Prof. Dr. Lt. Col. Perchal? […]

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