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White Magic

It was one of the most memorable summers of my life. I had just a few courses left at university before I would be an official graduate. Not quite an adult, yet no longer fully immersed in the snug university bubble, I was still far enough away from the Real World to forget about it […]

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Blind fury

Poles have always been known for their dramatic flair in the arts, from music to painting to literature. With the advent of new media, this positive stereotype continues to shine through. Meet Bydgoszcz’s Damian Nenow. His most recent creation was short-listed for an Academy Award nomination. It’s clear to see why: The official description reads: […]

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Warsaw, a city transformed.

Pl. Krasińskich

“Nie możesz se wyobrazić, to jak całkiem nowe miasto,” my mom reminded me every time she called from Poland, “jest to miasto światowej klasy.” Not that Warsaw wasn’t a beautiful city for years prior, but my mother had just arrived during Euro 2012, an event that saw the city renovate and modernize transport, hospitality, and other infrastructure; compared […]

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Aladdin in Auschwitz

Oświęcim isn’t generally a place that comes to mind when you think of peace, but that’s about to change now that Aladdin’s in town. Project Aladdin is an initiative whose goal is to “is to promote greater mutual knowledge among peoples of different cultures and religions, particularly Jews and Muslims, in order to bring about changes […]

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Debbie, you forgot Żegota.

There I was, minding my own business. When all of a sudden, I stumbled onto a post my brother put on facebook about an American Journalist named Debbie Schawehjasldkjfa.. I’m sorry, I meant Debbie Schlussel. Ms. Schlussel took it upon herself to defend president Obama’s recent gaffe, which she thought was totally justified. She even […]

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A Polish Spin on Winnie-the-Pooh—But Cooler!

It almost sounds like a fairy tale when you first learn about the story of Wojtek the Polish soldier bear. You must be thinking to yourself right now, “A Polish soldier bear? What are you talking about?” That also was my first response when I randomly stumbled across the story on a Google search two […]

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40:1 (This is Wiznaaaaa!)

If you’re anything like me, you get goosebumps anytime you hear a story where Poland acted nobly/fiercely/proudly, especially when the story revolves around sports or war. If you’re a lot like me, you also get these same goosebumps when you hear power metal raging through your speakers. Well, here’s the best of both worlds (a […]

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In memory of a beautiful life: Nelli Turzanska-Szymborska

A few years back I had a pleasure to meet Nelli Turzanska-Szymborska. The setting was beautiful: a cozy room in one of the most prestigious hotels in Toronto filled with prominent personalities. They all gathered there to celebrate the 20th anniversary of a foundation Nelli and her late husband, Wladyslaw, created. I was  personally moved […]

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Operation Kutschera

A few months ago, I sat down to watch Jerzy Passendorfer’s 1958 action flick, Zamach. Based on a true story, I got goosebumps thinking about how 20-something year-olds were involved in such an intense battle of survival while I, a 20-something year-old some 60 years later, sat comfortably in a bed with only first world […]

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